NDRC stands for;

Nejat Center for Social Development & Drug Rehabilitation Medical Services.

NDRC Introduction

Nejat means freedom and salvation.

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Areas of Focus:

  • Drug Harm and Demand Reduction
  • Public Health Improvement
  • Social Welfare of the Community
  • Capacity Building and Education
  • Peace Building and Justice
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    A Service: For the People, By the People, Of the People.
    To bring measurable and sustainable improvements in people’s life and social welfare of their communities, to restore the broken life of drug users and to create healthy, peaceful and self-sufficient environment, by engaging the marginalized individuals/ groups of people in the context of Afghan tradition of sincerity, hospitality and respect.
    1. To reduce the demand for illicit drugs and the harm caused by illicit drug use in the communities.
    2. To enable excluded individuals and marginalized communities by providing them with public health support, education and skill development, in order to be self-sufficient and to contribute effectively to the development process in the community.
    3. To create peaceful environment for individuals and communities by providing them support in conflicts/disputes resolution and access to justice.
    4. To collaborate Nejat actions with other entities that are promoting the welfare of Afghan citizens in areas where Nejat actions take place.



    Youth, Peace and Security:

    It is clear that a successful peacebuilding process must be transformative and create space for a wider set of actors including, but not limited to, representatives of women, young people to participate in public decision - making on all aspects of post-conflict governance and recovery.

    The potential contribution of young people – defined by the UN as between the ages of 15 to 24 to sustainable peacebuilding has received little attention and support to date.


    Drug Harm and Demand Reduction

    Drug Harm and Demand Reduction

    Treatment, rehabilitation and recovering of drug addicts.

    Public Health Services Improvement

    Public Health Services Improvement

    Implementation of Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) programs

    Social Welfare of the Community

    Social Welfare of the Community

    Establishing viable links with local traditional authorities (Jirgas/Shuras)

    Peace Building and Justice

    Peace Building and Justice

    Support to family and communities’ conflict/disputes resolution

    Capacity Building and Education

    Capacity Building and Education

    Training and workshops for groups and individual’s capacity enhancement.

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